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Our company “Maschinentechnik Leveghi” (MTL) is the austrian general agent of the FICEP Group, headquartered in Italy. FICEP Group is the global leader in the manufacturing of innovative CNC machines and systems for the steel construction and forging industries. As a long term partner, for over 25 years we have been taking care of the customer support, service and sale of the FICEP machines.


The core activity of our company is sale of machines for the steel construction and forging industries. As a FICEP general agent we sell CNC machines and spare parts. Moreover, we offer the opportunity of purchasing second-hand machines.


Besides our sale services, another core activity is fitting up and commissioning both new and second hand machines. Obviously, we commit ourselves also with regard to layout planning and design, as well as all preliminary and necessary fundamental preparations.


Required and desired assistance measures are carried out by our skilled technicians. In most cases problems are quickly solved through remote assistance (online and/or by phone) by our specialized technicians.

Training and technical assistance

In order to become familiar with machine functioning, facility operators can be trained by our technicians directly at the customer premises or attend a training at the FICEP Academy in the main factory of the FICEP Group.

Software updates

We provide software solutions customized to the needs of our customers. We optimize packages for manufacturing planning, as well as for machine´s interface (various constructors). In addition, we offer support and maintenance including software updates.


Upon request we carry out general overhaul of the FICEP machines. The machines are mechanically and electrically overhauled and updated through introduction of new components.

Second hand machines

Are you interested in our second hand machines? Visit our database and/or send us a request. You will receive all relevant/requested information. Ask for our reference list by filling out all fields on the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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